Companies large and small have portfolios of discoveries and patents for which …

  • an avenue to commercialization has not been envisioned, or
  • new commercial uses must be envisioned in order for the company to continue to grow; or
  • creative marketing concepts are needed to enter new geographic or demographic markets. 

In this COMMERCIALIZATION Challenge, we invite you—with advice from faculty and industry experts—to conceptualize applications and marketing plans for underperforming IP. (Sometimes a group of innovators—attacking the issue from oblique angles—can discover novel solutions.)  Solutionists with “winning” ideas will be rewarded for their efforts.  We welcome rock star ...

  • Innovators and Entrepreneurs
  • Developers
  • Product Designers
  • Engineers (ME, EE, Bio, Computer, Software)
  • Graphic and Web designers
  • Marketers and Customer researchers
  • Accountants and Finance Majors

Rewards.  $1500 in prize money will be distributed among the teams with winning solutions.

Video of previous Commercialization Challenge:

Companies Offering Challenges (Tentative list)

Participation fee, including all meals.  No charge.  Note: this event is for students only.

Register at   Optionally, schools may email a list of attendees (at least 2 days prior to event). 

Schedule  ​Prior to  competition, register your student team at  Registered teams will receive challenges  via email.

  • Form a team at your school and select  challenge
  • Discuss alternative approaches to solving challenges; Select a solution and test technical and market assumptions
  • Decide how you will share funds that you may win

December 6 – Friday  (9:00a–4:00p)   Pitch your recommended solution  3:00 – 5:00 pm to panel of company reps.

Followed by reception of Entrepreneur Society

Directions  Gateway College in New Haven.  Park in Temple Street Garage behind college.    Guard desk inside college will validate.
For directions and map see

y of Bridgeport, Arnold Bernhard Center, 9th Floor,  84 Iranistan Ave, at University Ave.    

Intellectual Property Rights.  By participating, attendees acknowledge that challenge sponsors earn the rights to all intellectual property and recommended solutions in consideration of prize money.  Companies may award multiple prizes and may, at their discretion, sponsor additional R&D on mutually agreeable terms.
Organized by  CT Consortium of Entrepreneurship Educators, an affiliate of the Entrepreneurship Foundation​​​

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Innovation Challenge

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