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Semi-final (Online) Questions                                                                          

  • PRODUCT OR SERVICE brief description (8 words or less)                  
  • Optional: Upload image of product (as .jpg .png or .tif)                
  • VALUE PROPOSITION: Problem and your solution, including how it's a) better, b) cheaper to produce or deliver, c) targets an underserved Market Niche, or d) customer service is superior                  
  • CUSTOMER VALIDATION. Research  that shows enough people will buy your product to earn a profit       
  • CHANNELS of MARKETING and DISTRIBUTION. How will users become aware of the product or service? Describe payment and delivery process.           
  • REVENUE STREAMS and COST STRUCTURE (How much you charge, who pays, and what it costs to produce including delivery and customer service)            
  • SIZE of TARGET MARKET.   Give evidence to support claims       
  • COMPETITION. Names of important competitors and their strengths and weaknesses      
  • BARRIER TO ENTRY (something not easily copied or acquired or a strategy to keep others out of your market (e.g. - patent, secret sauce, exclusive contract)               
  • MANAGEMENT TEAM and Relevant Experiences         

Finals Judging Criteria for Business Plans 
1.  Problem:  Strong customer pain or desire?
2.  Solution:  □ Technically feasible?   □ Scalable?   □ Barriers to entry?  
       □ Compelling value proposition (superior, cheaper, or serves new market niche)?    
3.  Market:  □ Adequate size and sales plan to meet goals?  □ Demand  validated?
       □ Competition manageable?  □ Clear how customers will be made aware of product?
4.  Finance:  □ It's clear how the company will make money?    □ Safe margins?
       □ Realistic sales price?    □ Capital needs and use clear?   □ Realistic for stage?
5.  Management Team:   □ Knowledgeable?     □ Convincing? 

Online Registration: explain image the client wanted to convey. For videos, also indicate the call-to-action the work was intended to induce.  At Finals students will exhibit their work.  (For videos, bring a well-charged laptop or tablet.) We will offer prizes for the best Branding portfolio and Marketing Video for: a) an actual third-party client, and b) for a hypothetical client (student project).  Judging will follow industry standards.

BUSINESS PLANS (Categories A-F). Apply at by April 18, 11:50 pm.   Finalists announced April 23.
SUPPORT SERVICES (Categories G-H). Apply at  by April 18.  All applicants are automatically finalists.

Competition administered by the Entrepreneurship Foundation     


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