Our Mission:

Supporting new ventures through the critical early phases with a process that is seamless, sequential, and effective.

Entrepreneurs Society

a.  Social Media Marketing,

b.  Hiring, compensation and benefits,
c.  Government reporting,
d.  Locating cost-effective space in which to grow,
e.  Risk assessment and mitigation
f.   Financial controls and meaningful internal reports
g.  Project Management
h.  Business law 

  • Copyrights, Trade Marks and Patents
  • Contracts
  • Dispute resolution
  • When you need a lawyer; when you don't

Crucial to the success of new ventures are mentoring and networking. 

Our Monthly Society meetings allow members to:

 1. NETWORK with other entrepreneurs to share marketing and financing leads. 
2. PARTICIPATE IN WORKSHOPS on post-start-up issues:​

3.  RECEIVE mentoring from successful entrepreneurs and volunteer consultants.
4.  RECEIVE coaching on Crowdfunding presentations and state grant applications​


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Copyright © Entrepreneurship Foundation 

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Entrepreneur Achievement Plateaus
Entrepreneurs will be recognized for milestones attained.


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